About Us

We work in order to obtain and process the information in the most efficient manner.

Who we are

We are serial entrepreneurs with more than a decade of experience in areas such as marketing, trade marketing, sales, information service and business intelligence. We are also graduates, analysts, accountants, psychologists, engineers and students of different careers. And we are looking for more graduates, analysts, accountants, psychologists, engineers and students in order to turn them into serial entrepreneurs that help us foster an environment place where all stakeholders are glad to belong to.

In what we believe

We believe that the information is the most important variable to make desitions. This is why we work to obtain it in the best way, process it fast and analyze it easily.

We believe that a great technological solution must be accompanied with a great human team, that contribute with their DNA to make a better company.

We believe that our clients, are not only important companies, but also important persons that have an urgent necessity to enhance their results and propel their careers.

How we do it

We listen

To our clients

In order to identify their needs
before acting.

We think

How to add value

With our experience so our clients
have success.

We implement

CheckPOS in an active way

In order to make the work
easy every day.

Who we Are

Manuel Marcos CEO

Manu dedicates his time to company strategy and leading the sales team. He has a career dedicate to Trade Marketing and is an entrepreneur by nature.

Pablo Delost COO

Pablo is in Responsible for Operations area and leads Support & Development and Customer Service team. In his history, he always dedicated to client satisfaction. In his free time he is a runner.

Ignacio Tata CTO

Ignacio leads the development and maintenance teams. It is finishing the engineering degree and it has been the program for more than 10 years. His hobby is playing golf and having good times with friends.

Our Team

This is how we like to work!