Implementing CheckPOS Performance, your company
will improve the execution at the point of sales.

  • Develop your own customized dashboards

    At CheckPOS the management dashboards are the ones that matter, thus we have created a customized and powerful reporting tool, manageable per customer and user.
  • Real time information available 24x7

    Wherever you go, the information stays with you. You don´t need to open your computer, you will have access to all dashboards from your smartphone.
  • Measure your products Shelf Share minute by minute

    Don´t lose space in the shelf. Make sure that you have better display than your competitors.
  • Analyze your products sales prices

    Verify if there is any price variation of your product or your competitor´s products.
  • Immediate alert configuration

    There are some issues we need to know immediately. Lack of stock? Competitor activity? Personal absence? With CheckPOS you can manage immediate alerts to receive this kind of information in real time.
  • Generation of automatic
    Photo Reports

    Improve your exhibition through photo reports of your business. Verify the correct positioning of your brand and products with a simple photograph… We now add TAGS to pictures in order to facilitate selection.
  • Management Reports generation

    Do you have several business lectures? Are you interesting in additional analysis? With CheckPOS you can create dashboard exclusively for each user and share it with colleagues, distributors or customers.
  • Geographical analytics

    Track sales performance, POS assistance, times -all information can be seen on a map for a simpler and faster analysis.
  • Powerful Filters: Information from general to detail

    Use the powerful filters to obtain the exact information you need.


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Implementing CheckPOS Performance, your company will improve the point of sales strategic execution.